DEBORAH A. ROBERTS, Owner, LMT, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Post-Rehab Specialist

Debbie has been helping clients heal and reach their personal goals since 1988!

Her goal for Healthy Living Spa at Medical Massage Associates & Fitness Center is to offer quality massage, fitness and esthetic services to the community of Stuart, Florida. Debbie oversees the evaluations used for medical massage to ensure accurate therapy by all of the therapist. With the new expansion and new location in 2012 we are now also able to invite clients and groups to experience a more tranquil dayspa experience.

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.CHEK Golf Biomechanics Specialist

.Titlist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical Level 3

.Licensed Massage Therapist

.Licensed Esthetician

.Certified Lifestyle Coach

.Certified Post Rehabilitation Specialist

.Certified Personal Trainer - NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) 

.Certified Water Aerobics Instructor

.Certified Active Isolated Stretching Instructor

.Certified Group Exercise Instructor through the AFAA and American Council for Exercise

.Certified  in Yoga, Pilates based mat science, Spin, Bodypump, and APEX Nutritional Counseling

.Founder of Debbie Roberts Seminars, a C.E.U. Program that provides continuing education for both Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers

.A Multi-year National Presenter for the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA)

.A contributing author for Massage Today

.A Public speaker and an International Author for the management of Fibromyalgia

BOB MURRAY, LMT, Certified Personal Trainer - "Sports Massage", Myofascial Release Specialist"

Bob has been a licensed therapist since 1996. He has been certified as a neuromuscular therapist by the International Academy of Neuromuscular Therapy, and has been a staff teaching assistant with the academy since 2000. Bob specializes in injury, sport, and therapeutic massage, and has studied Active Isolation Stretching (AIS) with Aaron Mattes as part of an overall recovery program. Bob has also studied sports massage, craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation. He was fortunate enough to take a gross anatomy class early in his career that gives in an unusual insight into how everything in our body is truly connected. Bob was an instructor for the Florida State Massage Therapy Association sports team and is a past president of the Treasure Coast chapter. Bob also taught anatomy & physiology at the Southern Technical School of Massage and is a CE provider. Bob is a certified Holistic Personal Trainer who brings 20 years of Tai Chi experience to help clients overcome chronic pain and stiffness. He teaches seminars on "Tai Chi Body Mechanics" for massage therapists. Bob also enjoys dancing and teaching the Argentine tango. 

JANICE STEWART, LMT - "Jin Shin Jyutsu Guru"

Janice takes a gentle approach to massage therapy. She brings her specialization in energy-based massage to clients who need that "little something extra." 

Janice practices Jin Shin Jyutsu, an eastern practice that helps release blocks along meridians of the body. She is also an associate practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy, an osteopathic based work that uses comfortable positions of the body to release aches and pains. 

Janice specializes in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) to treat edema and boost the immune system, and a specialty massage utilizing essential oils and doTerra's Aromatouch technique.

Janice moved to Florida in 2000 after living in Massachusetts, South Carolina, Hawaii, New York & Indiana, and has been a great asset to the Healthy Living team since 2004. She is happily married, has three grown children, and two beautiful granddaughters. 

LISA KINGSLEY, RN, LMT, AP- “Acupuncture, Massage, Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Practitioner”

Accusage is a wonderful treatment that combines acupuncture and massage. The benefits of this 50/50 procedure are many. The broad strokes of massage increase circulation and warm an area, along with stretching techniques that lubricate joints and connective structures allowing fewer restrictions and better movement. Add to this, tiny acupuncture needles that penetrate superficial tissues and activate a network of cells. These cells trigger a biochemical release of things such as endorphins (pain relief), and serotonin (feel good) into the system for a much deeper effect. The fusion of the two modalities not only speed up and enhance healing, it just feels good! Each treatment is tailored for individual needs. Lisa also combines cupping and guasa as part of the treatment plan. In addition, Lisa is a certified Holistic Personal Trainer using a yoga/Pilates fusion to help clients overcome pain and discomfort.

JULES WALLACE, LMT - "Spirit, Soul & Body Renewal Through Massage & Bodywork"

Jules has been practicing massage & bodywork since 2011. She focuses on pain & tension relief by applying various approaches such as Swedish, trigger point, myofascial release, essential oils & Vitaflex; by peaceful integration of these modalities, the effect is an intuitive culmination of what each client needs to quietly let go of stress. She is also trained in and practicing for her certification in Young Living Raindrop Technique which uses 8-10 essential oils on the feet and spine through a Vitaflex application to affect muscular tension and emotional release. Gentle detoxification is achieved through non-invasive reflexive movements on the skin with the vitality of therapeutic oils. Jules is also available to teach essential oils basics throughout the year. 


JENNIFER MALPASS, BS, RD, LMT, Certified Personal Trainer - "Health through Nutrition"

Jennifer is passionate about therapeutic massage and specializes in helping her clients with their health through nutrition. She comes to us with many hours of massage experience after helping at the Alpha School of Massage Therapy for over two years. She has a unique prospective on injury recovery and patient care having worked as a CNA at Martin Memorial for eight years.

Jennifer specializes in chronic pain syndromes and sports injuries, in addition to the occasional stiff back or neck. If you are looking for relief from chronic pain or an injury, Jennifer is the one to see! She has first-hand experience with sports related injuries with over 15 years experience as a gymnastics coach, and involvement with track and field for two years.

Jennifer is certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), allowing her to care for patients with edema resulting from post-surgical, post-cancer treatment, and sports-related injuries. MLD can also help boost your immune system. She is also certified in foot reflexology which is both relaxing and therapeutic. Your feet will thank you for this rejuvenating experience!

Jennifer is a certified Personal Trainer, and has her bachelor's degree in nutrition. Through a variety of methods, Jennifer is able to help you become healthier, more agile, and increase your stability!

CRISSIE STEWART, LMT - "Honoring the Body's Natural Ability to Reset"

Crissie has been a licensed massage therapist and body worker since 2009. Her massage approach and strong attention to detail honors the body's natural ability to reset and heal diseases. Her studies include reflexology, aromatherapy and medical massage. 

Whether you are looking to melt the stresses of the day away, or get help with chronic pain, Crissie has the expertise to help with both. A massage with her will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed, reset, and renewed. 

In her free time, Crissie enjoys painting, camping, canoeing, yoga, and spending time with her family.

LISA MARIE BALESCA, LMT - "A True Artist of Touch"

Lisa Marie has been sharing her massage therapy skills since 2005. Her experience was built by working in multiple physical therapy centers and treating patients under the guidance of an osteopathic physician. While in Charlotte, NC, Lisa owned her own spa business where she was able to provide the community with both relaxation and therapeutic massages. In 2009, Lisa had the opportunity to work with an Olympic swimmer who brought home a gold metal, and has worked with multiple players from the Carolina Panthers football team. 

Lisa's well-developed background guides her to customize and balance the needs of each individual, She has been called an "Artist of Touch" by her previous clients as she provides the gateway to helping clients achieve balance between the mind and body. 

Lisa specializes in trigger point work, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and Swedish massage. 

FLORENCE ROBIN-LOCKWOOD, Cosmetologist, Medical Facial Specialist, Super Frecator Technician

Florence's interest in skincare grew out of her passion for the field of health and wellness. After receiving her license in cosmetology in 1979 and her medical degree in 2001, Florence offers a diverse skill set and broad knowledge base in her approach to skincare. Her philosophy is that outer beauty and radiance start from inside, with a healthy diet and lifestyle. With that foundation and proper skincare, the external beauty aligns with and reflects an overall state of health and vitality. 

Friendly and social by nature, Florence enjoys getting to know her clients and learning how to best meet their individual needs. She has worked in both the luxury spa industry and doctor's offices gaining experience and knowledge with microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermaplaning, and oxygen facials. In addition,  is a superfrecator technician, removing skin discolorations and age spots. She will work with you to reach your skincare goals through treatment, education and guidance.

PATRICIA BIGLER, LMT - "Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner"

Patricia was certified in 2013 by internationally recognized Dr Kam Yuen as a Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner. This non-touch energy method utilizes insight to balance the mind-body-spirit connections, and provides on-the-spot results/improvements for most. Working for three years as a medical massage therapist provided Patricia the opportunity to bring relief to hundreds of clients ranging from acute to chronic conditions. If you are in pain, resolving it as soon as possible is Patricia's primary objective. 

Patricia sets her own appointments and is independent within the facility. 

JUDIANA ALBERTSON - "Rebirth & Breath Coach"

Judiana has been a rebirther & breath coach for 22 years. After a life-changing event, Judiana felt called to heal her own mind, body & spirit. This two-year journey led her to seek many alternative therapies, classes and workshops, one focused on rebirthing & breath work. After realizing the changes within, she felt she was being called to help facilitate the healing of others through the power of their own breath.